The purpose of the meeting is to provide training to radiotherapy professionals and the regulatory
authority about the activities that needs to be considered and performed to reduce the likelihood of a
medical error in radiotherapy.

The IAEA will provide participants with a template to be used as a reference for the preparation of the
national presentations. The participants must send their presentations to the IAEA at least one week
before the meeting starting day

The meeting is open to 30 participants from Member States. Each country is invited to nominate one participant who must match the profile described in the corresponding paragraph, indicating the order of priority.

The participants should be radiotherapy professionals and established regulatory authorities in Member states where nuclear medicine is being performed. A maximum of 25 participants will be selected to participate in this training course. The meeting will be conducted in English; participants should be capable of freely expressing themselves and following presentations and discussions in this language.
Participants are requested to submit OEH forms and proof of completion of the IAEA on-line training in Safety and Quality of Radiotherapy. The online training can be accessed here:
Nominations forms without OEH forms or candidates who have not completed the on-line training in Safety and Quality of Radiotherapy will not be considered.

Candidates wishing to apply for this event should follow the steps below:.
1. Access the IAEA TALEO page ( and complete the Candidate Profile.
2. Be registered on the Nucleus page of the IAEA (
3. Through Nucleus, access the InTouch+ platform where the Profile is completed (My Profile tab) (
NOTE: The email used for TALEO and Nucleus must be the same. If not, the candidate’s profile
will not appear complete.
4. On the InTouch + platform, under the ‘My InTouch +’ tab, the candidate needs to:
a. select the institute / organization that he/she works at / represents (‘My Institute’ section);
b. click on the link called ‘Refresh Personal History Form’ to update the system, otherwise
the nominations submitted will have these fields empty and it will not be possible to
evaluate them during the selection of candidates (‘IAEA Recruitment Platform’ section).
NOTE: Once the above steps are finalized, the candidate’s profile will appear as completed and
he/she can apply for Technical Cooperation events.
5. In the InTouch+ platform (, in the ‘Applications’ tab, search by the
event number provided in the invitation.
The help for each step is located at the top of the page. For additional help on how to register,
create a profile and apply for an event, please refer to the online guide and training videos
available under the following links: how-to guide and training videos. Any issues or queries
related to the new system can be addressed to or
Should this not be possible, applicants may download the Nomination Form for the ME from the
IAEA website
Applications should contain sufficient information to establish that the nominees have the required
qualifications. Completed applications need to be endorsed by the relevant national authority, i.e. the
National Liaison Office and submitted through the established official channels.