Participants to AFRIRPA05 Congress wishing to apply for an oral or poster presentations are invited to send their abstracts through the online submission system at: The abstract should briefly outline the purpose of the work, the materials and methods used, as well as the main findings and conclusions. It must be sent either in French or in English. The acceptance of abstracts will be based on their scientific and technical quality.

 Young scientist and professionals in radiation protection are encouraged to submit their abstracts. There is a number of grants for young persons available from the IRPA Montreal Fund and sponsoring organisations.

 31st May 2018 is the absolute deadline for papers applying for Oral presentation or for support to Young persons.

Abstracts applying for a poster presentation would be admitted until 1st July 2018.


•Regulatory, standards and implementation

•Occupational radiation protection

•Radiation protection of the patient

•Radiation protection of the public and the environment

•Safety culture, Education, training and research

•Exposure to natural radiation and NORM

•Dosimetry, Metrology, Modeling and Instrumentation

•Biological effects of ionizing radiation

•Management of radioactive waste

•Radiological and nuclear emergencies

•risk communication

•Non-ionizing radiation